Newmarket Health Centre in Ontario – spread-eagled man – complete with manhood

An aerial view of a Canadian health centre has revealed that the building is shaped exactly like a naked, spread-eagled man – complete with male genitals.

Newmarket Health Centre in Ontario with penis

Locals believe the Newmarket Health Centre in Ontario got its distinctive shape by accident, with a series of small extensions being added to the original design.

Amusingly the building is believed to house a STD clinic, among other medical facilities, with visitors having to enter the building through the groin area before they can have their check-up.

Aerial photographs of the Newmarket Health Centre show four wings branching out from a central hub that look like arms and legs.

While the arms simply look outstretched, the building’s legs are far more detailed – even appearing to have kneecaps and feet.

Newmarket Health Centre in Ontario
Neighbours believe the building got its unique shape by accident but don’t mind because the town is the birthplace of two of the country’s most famous comedians – Jim Carrey and John Candy.

Plan of the Ontario Newmarket Health Centre
Newmarket Health Centre in Ontario - plan

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