Not exactly sexy but definitely unusual

Unusually shaped vegetables – not always sexy or erotic but still created with a smile on a creator’s face
foot shape vegetable

Carrot foot
carrot foot

Five-fingered carrot
carrot hand

foot carrot

carrot hand

carrot hand

carrot hand

Parsnip not only with a face but with it’s own character. Do you agree?
parsnip with face

Duck-shaped cucumber found in Skegness, Lincolnshire (from
duck shaped cucumber

Another duck-shaped veg – marrow
duck-shaped marrow
Would it be a meat or vegetable course?

Dorothea Clinton, 73, was left stunned when she unearthed the unusual crop from the allotment near her home in Peaton, Shropshire.
She adds: ‘Everybody loves it, it’s become a bit of a local celebrity now. To me it isn’t really a potato, it is a duck, I think it’s absolutely wonderful.
duck-shaped potato
‘It made me smile, so hopefully it will make others, too.’
duck-shaped potato

A devilish tomato with horns, grown by a Bury pensioner, in Lancashire
devilish tomato

and tomato shaped like a rabbit, grown by David and Audrey Maber in Gosport, Hampshire (from
tomato shaped like a rabbit

animal tomato

Teddy bear potato
teddy bear potato
and a heart shaped potato found in a sack of potatoes, discovered by staff at K’s cafe in Wales (from

confident parsnip

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Erotic cucumber

erotic cucumber

Penis cucumber from a chop (not a sex-shop).
A housewife who bought an amusingly phallic cucumber found she didn’t have the heart to take a knife to it. Maybe she found other uses for it…

penis-like cucumber
Erotic cucumber.

35-year-old Iren Harsca, from Esztergom, Hungary, said that when she got it back from the greengrocers she couldn’t bring herself to chop up the vegetable, which looks entertainingly like a set of male genitalia.

‘Then I realised what it was. It reminded me of my husband too much and I really love him, so I didn’t have the heart to cut it up,’ explained Iren.


penis-shaped cucumber

cucumber with small penis

cucumber with small penis

cucumber with small penis

Other erotic vegetables
Erotic pepper
Erotic tomato

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