Loquat fruit boobs

Not only nuts have nipples

loquat fruit boobs

Loquat fruit (Eriobotrya japonica) – is a fruit from tree in the family Rosaceae, indigenous to southeastern China.
The loquat grows as an evergreen tree, reaching heights of growth of about 7 to 10 meters. The hairy leaves are simple. The leaf stalk is 6 to 10 mm is very short.

The pear-shaped plum or false fruits are about 5 cm long and have the thickest cm in diameter of about 4. Their thin, bright yellow skin is finely hairy and can be removed easily. The flesh of the loquat is yellow to orange depending on variety and firm or soft. It is juicy and refreshing and has a sweet and sour taste. Immature taste the fruit very acidic. Ripe fruit can be identified by small brown spots on the shell, they are not a sign of spoilage. In the fruit of the bent-back petals are clearly visible. The fruit usually contains two to ten hard, smooth seeds, from which we can very easily pull young plants. The fruits are with us regularly in April and May in markets and fruit shops.

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