Boobs island

This deserted island looks a bit like a heart -
heart island

or like boobs?

boobs island

Lovers’ Island – formerly known by the more prosaic name of Galesnjak – is located in the Adriatic Sea, off the coast of the popular tourism destination of Croatia.

Lovers' Island

It is just 130,000 square yards and is uninhabited. The island caused a stir several years ago when eagle-eyed Google Earth users realised that it looked like a clumsily scrawled heart. Or boobs?

But a new picture from DigitalGlobe’s GeoEye 1 satellite – incidentally taken just around Valentine’s Day this year – shows Lovers’ Island looking rather more forlorn after bulldozers carved swathes across it that look like two giant bandages.

heart island with strips across

The island’s owner vowed that the heart-break was only temporary, and that the bulldozed strips are destined to become groves of olive trees. He plans to plant 250 new trees on the island and also to restore its pier, which was built 80 years ago by his grandfather. ‘It is certain that we will soon have a wedding on the island,’ he said.

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Aquarium penis? Not at all

In the aquarium

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