Many faces of vegs

Potato faces

funny potato face

potato face

potato smiling face

potato with long face

potato creature with face

Pepper monster faces

green troll pepper face

yellow pepper monster face

green pepper monster face

red scary pepper

Evil face parsnip

evil face parsnip

Tomato face
tomato face

Many faces of fruits

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Not exactly sexy but definitely unusual

Unusually shaped vegetables – not always sexy or erotic but still created with a smile on a creator’s face
foot shape vegetable

Carrot foot
carrot foot

Five-fingered carrot
carrot hand

foot carrot

carrot hand

carrot hand

carrot hand

Parsnip not only with a face but with it’s own character. Do you agree?
parsnip with face

Duck-shaped cucumber found in Skegness, Lincolnshire (from
duck shaped cucumber

Another duck-shaped veg – marrow
duck-shaped marrow
Would it be a meat or vegetable course?

Dorothea Clinton, 73, was left stunned when she unearthed the unusual crop from the allotment near her home in Peaton, Shropshire.
She adds: ‘Everybody loves it, it’s become a bit of a local celebrity now. To me it isn’t really a potato, it is a duck, I think it’s absolutely wonderful.
duck-shaped potato
‘It made me smile, so hopefully it will make others, too.’
duck-shaped potato

A devilish tomato with horns, grown by a Bury pensioner, in Lancashire
devilish tomato

and tomato shaped like a rabbit, grown by David and Audrey Maber in Gosport, Hampshire (from
tomato shaped like a rabbit

animal tomato

Teddy bear potato
teddy bear potato
and a heart shaped potato found in a sack of potatoes, discovered by staff at K’s cafe in Wales (from

confident parsnip

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Erotic tomatos

Sexy tomato
sexy tomato

porn tomato

Another very erotic tomato
erotic tomato
Picture by Rebecca aka rebeccmoon.

tomato with penis

sexy tomato on blue

tomato with tail

tomato with erotic tail

erotic tomato

erotic tomato

Rude tomato by photographer tedgrif41 (

rude tomato

Finally the secret of breeding tomatoes has been discovered
sexy tomatos

Sexy tomato ass
tomato ass

adult tomato ass

More tomato bottom from French supermarkets
tomato bottom

Other erotic vegetables
Erotic pepper
Hot cucumber

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